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Strong support for UN among US voters

Do you agree with the following statement?

“The United Nations was created after World War Two to help put an end to global warfare. It is frustrating, but it works. There have been no world wars since then and the United Nations has played a critical role because it provides each nation a forum to air grievances and to work out problems to help stop major conflicts. That is a role no other organization plays and it is a role that is more important than ever today.”

73% of US citizens do. If you have the impression that most people in the United States are hostile to the United Nations, a new poll suggests you’d be wrong.

The Better World Campaign surveyed 800 US voters last month and also found that:

  • 78% believe “it is in America’s best interest to continue to actively support the United Nations.”
  • 76% believe “recent events prove we need to make the United Nations stronger so it can do more to address problems like terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.”
  • 74% believe “the US needs the UN now more than ever because we cannot bear all the burden and cannot afford to pay to go it alone around the world.”
  • 74% believe "it would be a mistake for the US to withdraw from the UN.”

With mid-term elections approaching in the US, candidates take heed.


  1. 26 October 2006 | 8:41 pm

    US readers wanting to know their Congressional candidates’ position on the UN can find it on the Better World Campaign website.

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