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RightsBase regrets an indefinite hiatus

It's the kind of day when I'm itching to blog: about the long-awaited Charles Taylor verdict or the Australian government's callous and disappointing response to the UN Human Rights Committee in refusing to repatriate Stefan Nystrom to his own country, as is his right under article 12(4) of the ICCPR.

Australian human rights lawyer Jennifer Robinson on US TVOr last week's alarming development, when Australian Jennifer Robinson (left), a lawyer assisting both Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, discovered she was on some spooks' watch-list when she was prevented from boarding a plane at Heathrow to return, as it happens, to her own country.

But I ask, dear reader, that you forgive a prolonged pause in this blog as I strive to complete my research into UN treaty-body communications and, moreover, my doctoral thesis on the same.  I can't say how long this interregnum will last, but it could be some time yet.

I trust the RightsBase archive and reference pages remain of value and I look forward to returning with 'human rights news and views' as soon as I can manage it.  Thank you for your interest.

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