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Sagar finally gets asylum

Iraqi refugee Mohammed Sagar (pictured), the last person detained by Australia on the island of Nauru, is to swap Pacific heat for Nordic sleet — and freedom. Despite winning a court order forcing the Australian Government to reveal why this undisputed refugee is still imprisoned after more than five years, Sagar has been offered asylum […]

Vanstone dodges the question: What happened to Nazaree and Baklri?

Have you received a reply from Australian Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone? I wrote to the Minister regarding the fate of Mohammed Moussa Nazaree and Yacoub Baklri, among others, and have received a reply from her Assistance Secretary (sic.), John Okely. His letter of 5 September makes no mention of Nazaree and Baklri, Afghan asylum seekers […]

Afghan girls kick goals while Australia fouls refugees

A friend of mine has sent me some good news about girls in Afghanistan: they are for the first time playing competitive football in Kabul, at the Ministry of Defence sports field, no less. Presenting a trophy to the Maiwand team, the UN Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan, Ameerah Haq, noted that five years ago, […]

Boundless plains to share

Treasurer Peter Costello urges Australians to have more children.  He seems to think a bigger population would be a good thing for Australia.  So why is his government pathologically averse to, one could say xenophobic towards, refugees? Australia has distinguished itself yet again by proposing refugee policy even more appalling than before.  Having previously ‘excised’ […]