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East Africa crisis appeal: How you can help

UNICEF is one of many international aid organisations working to relieve the famine in East Africa. It does not receive government support but must do all its own fundraising. You can donate by clicking here: Many worthwhile alternatives are listed here.

No evidence that harsh policies deter asylum seekers

Many times over the past dozen years or so, I’ve wondered if we Australians forget, in the hysterical public discourse about asylum seekers, who they are. They are people fleeing serious harm. People for whom we would have compassion, in the normal course of events, and seek to help. Instead, we, as a polity, treat […]

Happy 1st birthday, RightsBase

This week marks the first anniversary of this web site. In its first year RightsBase has published nearly one hundred articles covering a diverse range of human rights issues in 82 countries. It is host to independent human rights reporting, some of which is unavailable anywhere else on the web (such as the most recent […]